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 “The Roteck Way”, is a proposal to improve existing security in public places and advertising with a personal touch, Proudly brought to you by Roteck South Africa.

We have developed this concept and some fresh ideas to change and evolve existing security in public places. Part of our strategy is, it does not cost a cent to the user but should be fully financed by advertisers, either by buying into long term advertising or a leasing agreement for the required equipment.

Advertisers get attractive places as immediate return on investment like entrance areas of shopping centres, hospitals or hotels to name a few, and use our equipment as carrier for brand or product advertising whilst Roteck supplies the required products and services. As common security is responsive only, not very efficient and always has a negative approach we don’t want to be associated with such. Part of our concept is to train security guards into guardians who are proactive, caring, dedicated and proud of what they are doing.