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Our concept ‘The Roteck way’, aims to provide a more efficient way of safety in public places, through installing equipment in strategic locations like car parks in shopping centres, hotels, hospitals, schools, airports etc and financing the project through leasing space on the equipment as a branding platform. The entrance areas can be used in return as controlled check out point by installing EAS TAG detectors. Many shops have such systems already in place but mostly uncontrolled. Shoplifters can easily walk away without getting stopped at the shops exit point. With our system in place, shops can still tag their merchandise and deactivate or remove tags at the till as usual but no individual detection is required.

Objectives of ‘The Roteck Way’

• To add value and efficient precedent safety for property owners.
• To enable advertisers keep close touch with potential clients.
• To better the performance of guarding personnel through proactive measures.
• To create a better public acceptance for existing car guards.

What makes Roteck different?
We are not just importing and supplying, we proudly claim to be a solution provider. We have developed our own range of products and provide installation, training and maintenance. Our qualified personnel performs all repairs and modifications in our well equipped workshop.

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