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Today we live in an age of disengagement. Consumers are bombarded with close to 30,000 messages a day whilst people’s attention span is less than 8 seconds. They can’t be apart from their phone for more than 6 minutes and check it up to 150 times a day. Needless to say, they don’t have time for any kind of advertisements, use online ad blockers and spam filters instead and heavily distrust brands due to unwanted aggressive marketing and advertising.
So, how can brands respond to this new type of consumer? In times of disengagement, brands need to market differently to get and keep attention. Marketing is about finding the inflection points in the customer journey, points where motivation is high but competition is either low or nonexistent. Targeting a customer at this point of the journey ensures that people will have the attention, motivation, and the ability to perform the desired behavior.

Most of today’s advertising efforts focus on increasing motivation in a familiar environment, e.g. through TV ads that run on expected TV programs or banner ads on publishing sites and social networks. This is rational, but the space is already very crowded. If everyone does the same and follows similar conventional rules, success is limited. And the Goliaths of the world, the brands with the biggest marketing budgets, are more likely to win this game. As we’re operating in a different kind of market we need a different approach and one way out of this misery is advertising “The Roteck Way”, consequently based on result from three proven facts:

1. Potential customer’s behavior to ignore the bombardment of advertising

2. Potential advertiser’s frustration to get their (brand) messages across

3. Raising demand for more safety and security in public places

We are neither marketing nor an advertising company; our business is detection and inspection, similar but better known as airport security – just for non aviation purposes. Our aim is to prevent crime and other threats by early detection and reaction, especially in crowded public places. Security companies, mostly already at site are very little interested to spend in technology; same as property owners as for both only profit maximizing matters. Despite certain security is in place (mainly CCTV and guards), criminals have already adapted to and crime is on the rise.

We simply offer potential advertisers space and special attention on our publicly exposed security equipment. Our equipment is actively in operation, highly visible and enables suggestive advertising at selected public places. The required operation personnel can additionally act as brand ambassadors, with a personal touch and direct contact to customers. Our dedicated places are shopping centers, hotel or restaurant chains, chain stores, hospitals or schools and universities, to name a few; the thread being affected from crime is everywhere present.

Our brand new marketing and advertising concept enables potential advertisers to raise high attention in selected and exposed areas, without spreading losses, on any level and with a national, regional or local footprint. Meet your customer exactly where you expect him.

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