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Anti jamming device

Our concept is proactive and aims to prevent incidents, starting at parking bays. We intend to integrate the unloved car or trolley guards by controlling our jamming devices and act accordingly. They are now able to approach people at arrival and inform them about the new implemented technology verbal and by handing out a short manual, whilst the back side can be used for print advertising.

Walk through metal detector

In order to keep crime out of certain areas we have to keep out guns and potential weapons. This can be checked through metal detectors at all entrances and gives security guards the opportunity to control their area actively.

Hand held metal detector
Is used to be a pin point locating tool to check particularly suspicious visitors after the activated walk through detector signal passes the threshold. Additionally it is integrated with a multi functional panic button to call for assistance in case of an emergency.
X-ray Scanner
An x-ray scanner is BagScan’s “big brother” but unlike BagScan it is able to penetrate closed bags and detect hidden items as drugs or explosives. X-ray scanners are more bulky, require more space and power as well as a trained operator to interpret the x-ray images.
All our x-ray scanners can be uniquely modified with the same functional convenience as BagScan like conveyor automation, WiFi remote monitoring and tray returner, and don’t require an operator at site.
Bag Scan
Roteck has launched a new non-radiation BagScan4 as a green alternative to common radiating x-ray baggage scanners. We have designed Bag Scan due to the fact that in many applications, x-ray scanners are a technical overkill and many operators’ are unable to interpret x-ray scans properly. It enables visitors the opportunity to drop and check metal belongings separately before passing through the main gate detector.
Gun safes
The safes are placed close to the entrances to specifically give legal and licensed gun owners the opportunity to drop guns safely and enter commercial properties, public areas and/or weapon restricted places without carrying the weapon.
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